Thursday, May 23, 2013

Featured Designer: Angelinas Avenue

This week’s designer specializes in super cute and cuddly gifts for our beloved pets.  I am loving her fun and colorful designs.  So much better than those plain brown or white dog beds that you find in stores.      

Angelinas Avenue is dedicated to affordable pet comfort that compliments your home. Their huge variety of fabrics allows for any shopper to find just what they're looking for, whether it be something cute or something to match their decor.

I had the opportunity to ask Angelina’s Avenue Owner, Angela, a few questions about her designs and how she got started in her craft.
How did you come up with the Name of your Shop?
“I wanted to create a name that would be easy to remember, since my name is Angela, I figured Angelinas Avenue flows off the tongue nicely :)”

How did you get started in your craft?

“In July of last year I became ill at age 22 and lost my job. I needed to work from home. Since I used to manage a crafting department store, you can only imagine the amount of supplies I have laying around. I decided I wanted to make something for everyone's favorite family member and went from there.”

What is your favorite item in your shop?

“ I'd have to say my favorite item is the Cupcake Pet Bed/Floor Pillow. Its just way too cute. It's perfect for any pet or even as floor cushions for kids-adults. My boyfriend loves to use these when playing video games rather than sitting on the floor and my pup Spanky lays on his pillow right next to him. Really is a picture perfect moment  :P “
Where can we find you?

 Angelinas Avenue has a fully developed Shop and were always posting behind the scenes pictures and new fabrics/ideas on Facebook Twitter and Instagram.

Anything else you like to share about you?

”All product styles have been Spanky tested and approved. Don't let that cute little face fool you! He can tear and rip up ANYTHING I give him, but he has been unable to rip apart any product I have tested with him. Of course, as always, your dog could always be different! LOL”

Angela has kindly extended a special discount to all Melvin Avenue readers.  Please enjoy 10% off of your purchase with discount code 10OFFAVE
Angelina’s Avenue is also having a buy one get one free sale on all photography/artwork in the shop until June 1st.
Shop all of Angela's super cute designs here Shop

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